Key Takeaways

  • These air fryers are easier to clean than deep fryers. As they include dishwasher-safe elements, and these air fryers are simple to clean.
  • These air fryers are safer since they are self-contained cooking appliances that insulate the user from the heating elements and any oil that may splatter during the cooking process.
  • It is also important to consider the type of product and specifications you require in terms of weight, capacity, and model.
  • When you compare other kitchen appliances for cooking, these air fryers are cost effective and easier to manage.
  • Depending on the food you're preparing or the recipe you're using, these air fryers can require as little as a tablespoon of oil.
  • When not in use, these air fryers are small enough to be stowed away in a pantry, and if you wish to keep them on the counter, they won't take up much room.

Detailed summary on Best Air Fryer in India

What Is the Purpose of an Air Fryer?

The best air fryer in India is essentially a little convection oven for the kitchen counter. Food is cooked by circulating warm air throughout the system, which results in rapid cooking time and crisp exteriors. While the warm air contained within these small equipment does crisp up food to a point, you cannot expect the same flavours or textures without using oil or another form of fat. That is simply impossible. Additionally, you can cook a variety of items in an air fryer without turning on your oven; and nobody needs a hot oven to heat their home during the summer season.

The following are the primary benefits of owning an air fryer:

  • An air fryer is an exceptionally useful cooking equipment that offers numerous benefits.
  • It produces delectable meals.
  • This convenient appliance keeps your food moist on the inside while maintaining a crispy exterior.
  • The best air fryer in India cooks food quickly
  • Air fryers cook food quickly and are a safer alternative to traditional fryers.

How Does an Air Fryer Work?

Your air fryer works by rapidly circulating hot air around the interior of the gadget. The food is positioned on a grill to circulate repeatedly from the lowest to the highest point throughout the procedure. As a result, the food in the air fryer can be quickly warmed from both sides simultaneously.

Air Fryer Technology

There are numerous models available, but an air fryer is a countertop electrical device with flexible time and temperature controls and a chamber, frequently a removable basket, for cooking the food. The cooking method is based on a principle known as fast air technology, in which a heating element in the machine's top distributes heat downward while a fan rapidly circulates air around the food inside to heat it from all angles uniformly. The air fryer machine has a good, compact construction that guarantees that all air is confined within the chamber and actively circulates the food, increasing cooking intensity and efficiency. This heat transfer technique is sometimes referred to as convection because it involves energy distribution by moving a liquid or gaseous medium.

Key Factors to Pick the Right Air Fryer

Consider the size and capacity of the container - Bear in mind the size of the best air fryer in India. A 3.7L is a regular size and easily serves four people; however, you may need one size larger or smaller depending on the number of servings required.

Dimensions: An air fryer machine is a large appliance; consider the dimensions and size if you intend to place one on your countertop. Also, if you intend to use it frequently, which you most certainly will, you must ensure that you have enough counter space.

Recipe Manuals: Ensure that the one you purchase contains both a manual and a recipe booklet. It isn't easy to understand what you're capable of cooking and adjust to it at times.

Security Measures: As the Air Fryer heats up, you must ensure it has various safety measures such as auto shutoff and a cool touch outside.

Reviews: Always study the reviews on air fryers before initiating a purchase. If you're looking to buy an air fryer from Amazon, browse through all of these reviews on air fryers, read the positive reviews, and consider the advantages and concerns.

Temp: Remember that you'll need an air fryer capable of reaching a temperature of 390-400°C. The majority of recipes, such as chicken or meat, require cooking at a temperature closer to 400°C.

Clean up: Finally, consider how easy the best air fryer in India is to clean. Make sure that the one you pick can disassemble and is easy to clean.

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Here are Some of the Best Air Fryers in India:

01 Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt Air Fryer

₹ 8,300
  • Brand: Havells
  • Capacity: 4 litres
  • Colour: Black
  • Item Weight: 4.98 kg

Havells' air fryer features incredible quick air technology. This technique enables the fryer to fry, bake, toast, roast, grill, and reheat food using hot air, resulting in less oily food compared to other deep-fried options. This electric air fryer is capable of producing a large quantity of fried, roasted, or grilled food. Its 4-litre volume makes it a practical choice for a homemaker. With this best air fryer in India, you never have to worry about overcooked or undercooked fried food. This best air fryer in India 2021 includes auto-on and auto-off timer functions that ensure your food is cooked for the precise amount of time you specify.

  • This air fryer machine has a 60-minute timer
  • While making many dishes, you can save a lot of time with this best air fryer brand.
  • This electric air fryer has a monstrous 4-litre capacity.
  • The capacity for generating electricity in this air fryer machine is relatively low.

“Excellent product and performance”


Lokranjan Kandathil

02 Kenstar Aster Digi 1500-Watt Oxy Fryer

₹ 6,500
  • Brand: Kenstar
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Colour: Black
  • Item Dimension: 29 x 36.1 x 34.7 cm
  • Item Weight: 4.9 kg
  • Wattage: 1500 Watts

The Kenstar Aster Digi Oxy Fryer is rated at 1500W. Similarly, this best air fryer brand cooks food quickly. Its top is marked by a digital control panel, similar to a sub-dial of a chronograph watch. This best air fryer in India features a streamlined design and comes to life when the on/off button is pressed. There is little difference in how you regulate a timer and a thermostat. You can programme a timer up to 30 minutes in length and a temperature range of 80°C to 200°C. There are seven presets dedicated to seven distinct sorts of recipes. The basket of this best air fryer in India 2021 is nonstick and hygienic. With a 3.5 litres capacity, it is suitable for up to three people.

  • This air fryer machine gives exceptional performance
  • This best air fryer brand's digital control makes it simple to operate.
  • This electric air fryer is simple to use, maintain, and clean
  • Users have expressed dissatisfaction with the temperature spreading to the bottom of the basket.
  • People frequently complain about the short cords of this air fryer machine.

“I loved it, its the first time I am using an air fryer and I am really satisfied with this product”


Jaichand Sarika

03 INALSA Nutri Fry Air Fryer

₹ 5,600
  • Model Name: Nutri Fry
  • Brand: Inalsa
  • Capacity: 4 litres
  • Colour: Black
  • Item Weight: 4.8 kg

Unlike other air fryers that include a separate food basket with a residue collector, this best air fryer in India includes a built-in food divider that allows residue to accumulate comfortably inside the basket. It comes in three sizes. This electric air fryer has internal hot air circulation, so you do not need to add any oil or ghee to fry your delicacies. As a result, this air fryer healthy contributes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and enhances the flavour of your food. Its cold-touch handle and non-slip feet distinguish this air fryer from the rest. The 4L capacity of this best air fryer in India 2021 enables you to easily prepare up to a kilo of potatoes, which is sufficient for an entire family.

  • It is the easiest electric air fryer to clean.
  • The auto-shut-off mode of this best air fryer brand conserves energy after cooking.
  • The appliance is reasonably priced.
  • There is no separate food basket, or residue collector included with the Inalsa air fryer.
  • There is no safety cover on the heating element of this electric air fryer.

“The BEST part of this product is that it is self-locking and self-release. Just pull or push. Five stars for this ease of handling”


Sual Narmada

04 INALSA Air Fryer Nutri Fry

₹ 6,750
  • Brand: Inalsa
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Black
  • Item Dimension: 27.8 x 36 x 33 cm
  • Item Weight: 4.8 kg
  • Wattage: 1400

This best air fryer brand cooks your food using Air Crisp technology; but is this air fryer healthy? Well, it is a healthier alternative to cooking with oil. Moreover, this device is reasonably priced and qualifies as an excellent air fryer within the Rs 5,000 price range. This air fryer is a piece of straightforward frying equipment without digital controls or pre-programmed cooking menus. However, this best air fryer in India is right up there with the best in its class performance. This best air fryer in India 2021 fries food by circulating hot air, which uses the least amount of oil possible to fry your delicacy. Rotary knobs allow you to adjust the temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius.

  • This gadget is ideal for frying foods that require less oil.
  • This is considered the best air fryer in India 2021 due to its simple controls.
  • It is one of the best air fryer brands as it is one of the easiest air fryers to clean.
  • Unlike an oven, there is no way to check how the food is cooking at any given time./li>

05 Balzano Digital Air Fryer

₹ 8,500
  • Model: Balzano Airfryer
  • Brand: Balzano
  • Capacity: 5.5 litres
  • Colour: Blue
  • Item Weight: 5.8 kg

If you want restaurant-style fried delicacies without the unhealthy fats that come with them, the Balzano Digital Air Fryer is the perfect choice for you. This best air fryer in India is equipped with inlet and outlet ports that allow hot air to circulate in all directions. If you are looking for air fryer healthy alternatives, you won't find anything better. Due to the lack of oil, the minerals and vitamins, the meals remain intact and provide high-nutrient values. This best air fryer in India 2021 comes with ten pre-programmed options, making it simple to choose your favourite cuisine.

  • Outstanding build quality and matched performance
  • Among the simplest to clean
  • Menus with automatic cooking and manual functions
  • The glossy finish attracts fingerprints and smudges.
  • A longer wire would have been preferable.

“simply perfect for cooking. It reduces our efforts to a very large extend, and its a very effective way to reduce oil intaked”


Ratul Venkatesann

06Glen Rapid Fryer Black 3044, 2.8L 1350W

₹ 7,400
  • Brand: Glen
  • Capacity: 3.2 litres
  • Colour: Black
  • Item Weight: 6.4 kg
  • Item Dimension: 22.7 x 33 x 30.8 cm

The Glen Rapid Fryer is a low-fat method of preparing deep-fried dishes. This 2.8L fryer enables you to bake, broil, and roast with little or no oil. This air fryer's attractive appearance makes it an enchanting device to have in your kitchen. This air fryer uses superheated air to give your fries a crispy brown finish, reducing calories and increasing its nutritious value. The rotatory knob for temperature and timing adjustment is simple to use due to its distinct demarcations. In addition, the air fryer cost is also reasonable. Another appealing feature of this best air fryer in India is its detachable basket. This 2.8L size basket allows you to fry a full family's worth of dishes.

  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Exceptional performance
  • Easily cleaned
  • By tilting the pan, the drained oil is incorporated into the food.
  • Some users have complained about odours after prolonged use.

“Awesome air fryer, & it cooks food properly inside out.””


Pavan Daryapurkar

07 Havells Profile Grande Air Fryer

₹ 8,850
  • Model Name: Prolife Grande
  • Brand: Havells
  • Capacity: 5 litres
  • Colour: Black
  • Item Weight: 7 kg

Being able to cook without using oil is a wonderful idea. The Havells Profile Grande Air Fryer is a great air fryer for preparing oil-free treats. It is a decent air fryer for less than Rs 10,000. This Havells air fryer features an attractive appearance. It's simple to remove the 5L food basket from the appliance. The air fryer cost is also reasonable. As a result, cleaning this best air fryer in India becomes simple. But is the cooking in this air fryer healthy? Frying your favourite crispy treats has become simple and healthy with this Havells Profile Grande Air Fryer, which uses Aero Crisp technology to circulate hot air 360 degrees.

  • This best air fryer in India utilizes the least amount of oil possible to cook your food.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the equipment is a breeze.
  • The safety lock is an amazing anti-accident feature.
  • It may take some time for a new user to become accustomed to the operations.

“The touch buttons look so sleek and are very easy to operate. The Pre-det Menu buttons on the above touch panel are just amazing”


Nirvan Keshab

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08Philips Daily Collection HD9218 Air Fryer

₹ 9,000
  • Brand: Philips
  • Capacity: 4.1 litres
  • Colour: Black
  • Item Weight: 4.54 kg

A diet devoid of oil is beneficial to everyone's health. However, frying your favourite foods in oil might increase the fat content and thus cholesterol. Is cooking in this air fryer healthy though? The Philips Daily Collection HD9218 Air Fryer can assist in fat reduction of up to 90%, hence improving your overall health. The Philips Air Fryer is a healthy alternative to conventional baking and grilling. This appliance achieves flawless results through the use of Rapid Air Technology. The air fryer cost is also reasonable. This air fryer enables you to place food inside and control the cooking time. The reviews on air fryers like this one are also very positive.

  • A method of cooking that is nutritious
  • Anti-glare helps in comfortably viewing the screen for a long time without discomfort
  • Decreases fat content by nearly 90%
  • It is devoid of a halt or pause mechanism
  • There is no on/off switch./li>

“Great addition to the kitchen to avoid deep frying or even shallow frying”


Yudishtra Seri

09 Wonderchef 1.8 L Air Fryer

₹ 4,670
  • Brand: Wonderchef
  • Capacity: 1.8 litres
  • Colour: Red
  • Item Weight: 670 Grams

The Wonderchef air fryer is tiny and stylish. Electric appliances are a need in the kitchen. It is quite simple to clean and use. The equipment simplifies the process of cooking an oil-free dinner without sacrificing flavour. The reviews on air fryers are also very positive. Also, the air fryer cost is reasonable.

  • It is a multipurpose air fryer that utilizes cutting-edge rapid air heat circulation technology to cook samosas, kachoris, fish, vegetables, even cupcakes with little to no oil.
  • The appliance is lightweight and portable. It is suitable for usage in college dorms/hostels, tiny kitchens, and around the home.
  • The basket is simple to clean and maintain.
  • The machine emits less oil odour than ordinary air fryers.
  • Occasionally time-consuming.

“Very handy device. Easy to use, very easy to clean and the food maintains its good flavour, taste & freshness”


Prithu Udit

10 Philips Viva Collection Air Fryer

₹ 9,000
  • Brand: Philips
  • Capacity: 1 litre
  • Power: 1425 W
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Material of main body: Plastic
  • Time control: Up to 30 minutes
  • Weight of product: 7 kg
  • Dimensions: 287 x 315 x 384 mm

Philips is a globally recognized and prominent brand in electronics, healthcare, and other appliances. Philips has created incredible models of air fryers, each with its own distinct and varied specs. Regardless of its price, the Philips Viva Collection HD 9220 air fryer is our suggestion and the second-best in our top 10 list of air fryers. Additionally, this product features a proprietary fast air technology that lets you enjoy your favourite grilled, fried, or baked dishes without concern for health complications. The reviews on air fryers are also very positive. However, the air fryer cost is on the higher side compared to rest.

  • Its fast air technology results in healthier fried, grilled, baked, or roasted foods.
  • Its easily cleanable nonstick-coated drawer and the food basket are removable.
  • It includes a cookbook with a wide selection of recipes.
  • Increased power usage results in speedier cooking.
  • Ensures an ideal texture and produces delectable results.
  • It is relatively large in comparison to other Air Fryer models.
  • The temperature and timer are not displayed digitally.
  • Cooking capacity is diminished.

“Good. Easy to use. Excellent for frozen food & semi-cooked frozen food”


Varindra Nayak

11 STok 2.6 L Air Fryer

₹ 3,300
  • Brand: SToK
  • Model Name: ST-AF01
  • Capacity: 2.6 litres
  • Colour: White
  • Item Weight: 5.26 kg

A brand does not always equate to a product's quality. The STok 2.6 L air fryer is a good example of this assertion. This white Stok air fryer is extremely affordable in comparison to its specifications. It's a cost-effective way to get a high-quality product. Because of its high power consumption and unique starfish design, which circulates air for even heat distribution, our delectable foods cook faster. It offers a beautiful look and is simple to operate, thanks to its straightforward features.The reviews on air fryers like this one are also very positive. A 2.6 L size pan is adequate for preparing meals for a modest family. The timer includes an indicator bell that sounds when the food is finished cooking. Additionally, the air fryer cost is also reasonable.

  • Its fast air technology enables food to be grilled, baked, roasted or fried.
  • The temperature control ranges from 80 to 200 degrees Celsius.
  • The timer can be set to a maximum of 30 minutes and includes an indicator bell.
  • The frying basket and the frying tray are dishwasher safe.
  • It is reasonably priced and includes a cookbook and an additional grill.
  • The pan capacity is 2.6 L, which is significantly less than that of comparable air fryers.

“This air fryer is worth it. I have made a range of things in it. So far it has held up wonderfully.”


Sudhir Umakanta

12 Hilton 3.5 L Air Fryer

₹ 4,600
  • Brand: Hilton
  • Capacity: 3.5 litres
  • Colour: Black
  • Wattage: 1400 Watt Hours

Hilton as a brand has introduced a variety of next-generation kitchen equipment with the common purpose of making cooking easier. It has achieved this goal by introducing a diverse range of roti makers, induction cookers, electric tandoors, and air fryers. The Hilton 3.5 L air fryer is the most recommended in the brand's lineup. This type is renowned for its spiral heat flow, which rapidly cooks the food, resulting in the ideal crunchiness on the exterior and an equally ideal soft and juicy within.

  • Due to its high power consumption, it allows for faster cooking.
  • Simple to clean and maintain.
  • It includes a smart auto-lock and a kid lock to help prevent mishaps.
  • The interior food basket provides a spiral heat flow that quickly heats and crisps the food.
  • It comes with a one year manufacturer's guarantee and no on-site after-sales support. You must transport this bulky item to the service facility in the event of an issue.
  • This commercial air fryer consumes lots of energy and generates a lot of noise.

“Perfect choice for a family of 4-5, it has value for money”


Sulochan Ranjitsinhji

13COSORI Air Fryer

₹ 22,400
  • Brand: COSORI
  • Capacity: 5.4 litres
  • Colour: Black
  • Item Weight: 5.4 kg
  • Voltage: 120 Volts

Compared to other air fryer models on the market, the COSORI Air Fryer features a huge frying capacity and many presets, all packaged in a robust, compact design. In general, the air fryer produces crispy, crunchy, yet healthful cuisine up to 85 percent less fat than fried food. With a square 5.8-quart basket, you can prepare a chicken weighing around five to six pounds and enough food for three to five people. Additionally, the commercial air fryer features 11 one-touch settings that allow you to cook various of your favourite items with a single tap on display.

  • 11 settings for maximum adaptability
  • Control panel with an LED display
  • Sturdy construction
  • This commercial air fryer has easy-to-use features
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Generous cooking capacity
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Contains a recipe book
  • Steam escapes the basket
  • Cooking requires time.

“It is easy to clean in the dishwasher, and with the preset settings I don't have to calculate time or temperature to cook peacefully”


Achindra Neeharika

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14 Ninja Air Fryer

₹ 23,500
  • Brand: Ninja
  • Capacity: 3.7 litres
  • Colour: Black
  • Item Weight: 1.81 kg
  • Voltage: 110 Volts

If you desire to eat tasty meals with up to 75% less fat, the Ninja Air Fryer is ideal. Not only can it be used to air fry snacks, but it can also be used to roast, reheat, and dehydrate meals. On the one-touch LED control panel, these four customizable options are displayed. Additionally, you may preset the time required for your food and specify the ideal cooking temperature between 105 and 400°F. Meanwhile, the temperature will be displayed on the user-friendly interface of this commercial air fryer via the LED screen.

  • Efficient
  • Convenient size
  • Simple-to-use control panel
  • Generous cooking area
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • This commercial air fryer has four user-adjustable settings
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Exudes a rubber or plastic odour
  • There are no additional features on this commercial air fryer

“Ï don’t know how I managed without this fryer for so long, amazing”


Suresh krishna

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15 Philips Kitchen Appliances Digital Twin TurboStar Airfryer XXL

₹ 32,000
  • Manufacturer: Philips
  • Model Name: Digital Twin TurboStar Airfryer XXL
  • Brand: Philips Kitchen Appliances
  • Capacity: 1.36 Liters
  • Colour: Black

The Digital Twin Philips Kitchen Appliances TurboStar Airfryer XXL is one of the greatest deep-frying air fryers available. Unlike its competitors, it delivers the desired sharpness from both the edges and the centre. TurboStar Technology utilizes a starfish shape to assist in cooking food that contains less than 90% fat. By twisting the QuickControl dial, you may adjust the temperature in 25°F increments and the cooking time. Meanwhile, the digital display indicates the temperature and remaining time.

  • Convenient device
  • Sturdy structure
  • Maintain warm mode
  • Five predefined settings
  • Easy-to-clean
  • The stability provided by rubber feet
  • Auto-shutoff
  • A control dial with an analogue dial and a digital display
  • TurboStar provides even heating
  • Ample cooking capacity
  • Large additions of 25 °F diminish the precision
  • Expensive
  • The handle is not ergonomic

“Quality product with high-quality performance. You get what you paid for”


Yudhishtir dev

Comparison Table For Specs Of The Best Air Fryer In India

Model Brand Capacity Approx Price
Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt Air Fryer Havells 4 L ₹8,300
Kenstar Aster Digi 1500-Watt Oxy Fryer Kenstar 3.5 L ₹6,500
INALSA Nutri Fry Air Fryer INALSA 4 L ₹5,600
INALSA Air Fryer Nutri Fry INALSA 4 L ₹6,750
Balzano Digital Air Fryer Balzano 5.5 L ₹8,500
Glen Rapid Fryer Black 3044, 2.8L 1350W Glen 3.2 L ₹7,400
Havells Profile Grande Air Fryer Havells 5 L ₹8,850
Philips Daily Collection HD9218 Air Fryer Philips 4.1 L ₹9,000
Wonderchef 1.8 L Air Fryer Wonderchef 1.8 L ₹4,670
Philips viva collection Air Fryer Philips 1 L ₹13,000
STok 2.6 L Air Fryer STok 2.6 L ₹3,300
Hilton 3.5 L Air Fryer Hilton 3.5 L ₹4,600
COSORI Air Fryer COSORI 5.4 L ₹22,400
Ninja Air Fryer Ninja 3.7 L ₹24,500
Philips Kitchen Appliances Digital Twin TurboStar Airfryer XXL Philips 1.36 L ₹32,000

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