Key Takeaways

  • This list offers information on the best modular kitchen brands in India.
  • These brands offer some of the best colours for modular kitchen designs and the best modular kitchen designs of 2022.
  • You can get the best modular kitchens for the lowest price. Additionally, this list covers finance options, discounts, and offers for transforming the space into the best modular kitchen.

A Quick Look at The Best Modular Kitchen in India

Thanks to increased modularity innovation, traditional kitchens are progressively developing to meet the demands of an ever-changing modern kitchen. Today, the best modular kitchens are more open and airy and are the most excellent solution to your compartmentalizing problems.

Additionally, the best modular kitchens evolve with the times, and there are lots of potential for customization. Whatever your kitchen requirements are, whether it is drawers, cabinets, countertops, or micro-compartments for better organization or just an uber-chic kitchen plan, there are a plethora of modular kitchen designs to choose from.

What is a modular kitchen?

A modular kitchen is a modern kitchen equipment that people build in modules or components. We often make a modular kitchen up of wall and base units. These are cabinets with pre-selected standard-size pieces. The intention of modular kitchens is to increase utility while allowing for effective space management, particularly in smaller locations.

So, if you're looking to change up your kitchen, then you've come to the right place. Here is a list of the best modular companies and best modular kitchen designs of 2022. The list will help you pick the best modular kitchen design and best modular kitchen colour combinations that'll suit your needs.

Ample storage for your every need

As modular kitchens are created to your specifications, you may build one with customised storage choices. Cabinets, cutlery organiser, oil pull-outs along with skirting drawers, janitor units, pantry, vertical storage trays – exactly everything you need to happily cook in a zone that is clutter-free. Your local carpenter may be unable to provide you with a kitchen designed with modern technology and hardware but some of the best modular kitchen companies can. This has become a basic demand for modern homes. The goal is to assist you in making the greatest use of available space and making your life simpler!

Modular kitchens have become an essential part of any modern house. Apart from being functional, modular kitchens are an equally significant aspect of the home's design. As a result, people are now looking for the best modular kitchen brands in India. The modular kitchen market in India is a combination of local and foreign products. This is a list of the best modular kitchen brands in India.

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01Johnson Kitchens

₹ INR 60,000 – INR 50,00,000

Johnson Kitchen is H&R Johnson's modular kitchen company in India. Johnson Kitchens promotes modular kitchens acquired from one of the world's leading manufacturers, which is situated in Germany. Johnson's European and Indian collections are both targeted at Indian customers. The European variants cater to a more selective clientele and have a price tag of more than Rs. 3 lakh. The price for the best modular kitchens produced in India starts at Rs. 60,000/- and goes up from there, putting them well within reach of the people, albeit with good style!

Special features

Kitchens with beautiful designs and crafty engineering. It caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences.


“So in love with the range of products they have! I chose them for a complete kitchen makeover and can proudly say this brand is a great choice.”


San Maria

02EBCO Kitchen-Brand

₹ INR 36,000 onwards

The EBCO Kitchen-Brand desktop has the most reasonably set gaming desktop price in India. Its new Intel i9 core processor and well-built and tested RGB lighting make it the best gaming desktop in India. This gaming desktop provides unparalleled customization and flexible configurations. This budget PC allows users to experience high-level 4K gaming and VR.

Special features

Drawer Systems & Accessories is part of the Kitchen Systems & Accessories category, which includes a wide range of products. Pole Display Shelving System, Steelfix, Combination Locks, Drawer Slides & Hinges, Friction Stays, Sliding Window Locks, and many more are among their newly launched products.


“Bought Stainless Steel Cup Hanger from Ebco. Really good. Good quality. Strong enough to hold 6 big mugs. Overall worth the money. Looking forward to purchasing more from them!”




₹ INR 1,00,000 – INR 36,00,000

The Sleek has a 3.6 GHz Intel Core processor, thus making it the best gaming desktop under 50000 in the market. This cheap gaming desktop by MSI comes with liquid cool technology to keep the PC cool while gaming. Its customized thermal design feature allows the system to stay cool and not lag while you play high-end games.

Special features

Comes with an effective storage solution and in-built appliances make cooking easy and fun! Additional Sleek work triangle ensures you can easily reach towards the appliances while cooking. Choose from a selection of over 200 finishes curated for a great cooking experience.


“My kitchen was designed by Sleek and it literally survived the Chennai floods which amazed me. Big thanks to Sleek!”


Adhiti Sharma

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₹ INR 28,000/ square foot onwards

This is considered to be the best gaming desktop in India. The Hafele comes with a high-performance cooling feature that makes it one of the best desktop computers for gaming. This gaming PC has the best quality control feature and fast boot-up and load time.

Special features

Choose from a variety of smart kitchen appliances, such as the Combi Microwave and Intelligent Cooker Hood, for a smart yet sleek addition to your kitchen that will elevate your cooking experience to the next level.


“I am extremely happy with the kitchen designs and customer services of this brand!”


Bhairav Jonoy

05 Haecker

₹ INR 1,00,000 – INR 25,00,000

Haecker, another German brand, has been in the kitchen accessory market for over 13 years. The firm is well-known for offering personalized solutions, depending on what the customer wants in their kitchen. The brand usually provides two types of kitchens: classicART for those on a budget and systemART for those looking for a well-designed luxury kitchen. The company also specializes in kitchen cabinets and fittings in a variety of finishes.

Special features

Not only is it known for its quality, functionality, durability, and design, but it also has TROPICALISED KITCHENS, which ensure that your kitchen is guarded from steam and humidity in all climates.


“The One a200 continues Corsair's winning formula for a space-saving, peak-performance gaming tower.”


Rajesh Chowdhari

06Godrej Interio

₹ INR 700/ square foot onwards

Godrej Interio is a leading producer of modular kitchen products and services in India. They've had a fantastic and exciting journey from the simple Storwel cupboard 80 years ago to a lively, inventive brand with a varied portfolio.

This brand offers products with unique designs and high quality. The brand deals mainly with the recent and efficient modular kitchen items and accessories. One of the standout aspects of Godrej Interio modular kitchen designs is their excellent storage capabilities, versatile and straightforward to use. They are also known to offer the best price for modular kitchens in the Indian market.

Special features

The kitchen area is finished with high-quality products and a neat appearance.


“Ordered a couple of kitchen appliances from here and they were of very good quality with very professional packing from Godrej.”


Natalin Manjarde


₹ INR 7000 onwards

Kohler is among the best modular kitchen brands in India, offering unique modular kitchen designs. This firm is well-known for its cutting-edge kitchen faucets and making the best modular kitchen materials. Kohler products combine structure and function seamlessly into your kitchen's environment and give a highly relaxing kitchen experience. One of the most exemplary aspects of this brand is that it has a six-continent distribution network that delivers and supports consumers worldwide.

Style and function merge in the most incredible kitchens, like the smells and scents of your favourite culinary masterpieces. As a result, Kohler kitchen prides itself in offering a wide variety of designs, materials and colour combinations for your modular kitchen.

Special features

Kohler ensures quality with style, using long-lasting materials and sleek appearances. Choose from a variety of kitchen appliances, cabinets, and a designer makeover.


“I have always bought Kohler products for my kitchen counters. It is extremely good quality. This year I had to change the faucets in my kitchen and again chose Kohler. I found the brushed nickel a beautiful line in the Cursiva style.”


Bangranayi Shenai

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08Style Spa

₹ INR 13,000 onwards

Style Spa Furniture Co. Ltd. is India's premier retailer and supplier of hand-picked modern furniture and brands.

To ensure high-quality products, they make each piece of furniture to particular technical and aesthetic criteria. Style Spa, one of the best modular kitchen companies, is backed up by professional worldwide sourcing skills.

They manufacture standard furniture for the home and workplace. They produce quality items that meet worldwide technical and aesthetic requirements. And they offer some of the best modular kitchen materials. They are also known to offer a variety of modular kitchen designs that cater to the tastes of their customers.

Special features

Style Spa is known for its kitchen designs and a variety of appliances, and is known for its storage products and kitchen accessories.


“Recently bought STYLESPA Estilo Particle Board cabinets for my kitchen. Very good material and finishing! Definitely worth the money spent!”


Pratheesh Dhamodhar

09 Zuari Furniture

₹ INR 7000 onwards

Zuari, a flagship brand of Indian Furniture Products Limited (IFPL), is a subsidiary of the KK Birla Group. It is an ISO 9001:2000 certified corporation and has indeed altered people's perceptions about furniture. Zuari's diverse and reasonably priced goods, including bedroom furniture, TV carts, computer tables, utility furniture, and so on, have not only increased convenience but have also become style statements due to their sleek designs and trendy aesthetics.

Now, Zuari furniture has gone beyond traditional home interiors and has delved into the modular kitchen market. They are one of India's best modular kitchen brands, serving up some of the best modular kitchen designs at the lowest price that seamlessly merge utility and class.

Special features

Zuari is another well-known brand known for their expertise in creating unique and sleek furniture, ensuring that everyone's kitchen preferences are met. They have a large selection of kitchen appliances that are designed to meet the needs of any kitchen while adding a personal touch.


“My wife had bought Zuari Furniture kitchen furniture and we both love how classy and sturdy they are.”


Banithra Patel

10 Arttd'innox

₹ INR 10,000 onwards

Arttd'innox is a premier Indian brand owned by Jindal Steel. Arttd'innox, which has a parent firm that specialises in steel, provides a wide choice of contemporary steel kitchens. The company customises kitchens and can deliver them in a variety of colours and designs. Arttd'inox is one of the market's leading modular kitchen companies. Purchasing a modular kitchen is an expensive venture, and Arttd'inox modular kitchens provide excellent value for both time and money. They are also known to offer some of the best modular kitchen designs.

Arttd'innox modular kitchens are built of stainless steel, making them extremely hygienic. They have some of the best modular kitchen designs of 2022 that are termite-free, long-lasting, and fire-resistant.

Special features

Value for money and designs that can be used in a variety of situations. Choose from a wide range of designs with intricate patterns that will look great in your home while adding a modern twist.


“Shopped at Arttd'innox for a complete kitchen makeover and was stunned at how beautiful and classy my kitchen looks now. Chose the Inspirational L Shaped Modular kitchen design and currently do not have any regrets! Would recommend it to friends and family.”


Ayajgosh Sharma

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List of The Best Modular Kitchen Designs

Modular kitchens have become the latest trend, and if you haven't heard about it yet, then it's high time. The modern lifestyle of urban homeowners, who are willing to exchange traditional kitchens for sleek and efficient ones, has given rise to many modular kitchen designs. You'll be delighted to know that modular kitchen designs on the market now mirror styles and aesthetics from all around the world. Be it Italian, Greek, or American country-style, you can now incorporate all that you desire in your home. This list covers some of the best modular kitchen design ideas of 2022 to help you build your dream kitchen.

Designing your modular kitchen is a significant step, not to mention a significant financial commitment. Because of certain constraints, the layout of your kitchen will assist you in deciding where various parts of the kitchen will be positioned. The sink, for example, will be situated closest to the water outflow. Because most of us live in flats and do not have the option to start from scratch and design any layout we desire, the overall structure of the kitchen will most likely depend on the builders. Nonetheless, when scouring for the best modular kitchen design, strive to maintain the 'Golden Triangle.' And the best modular kitchen companies work hard to cater to your needs.

11Island Modular Kitchen Design

Island modular kitchen designs are all the rage as huge kitchen areas have become the norm in cities. An island-shaped kitchen, which spans the whole cooking space, elegantly accommodates all functionalities. It provides comfort and convenience for both hosts and visitors. It also provides additional space for children to play and do their schoolwork. This extra space makes the kitchen a versatile environment. It also has more significant storage space and is better ventilated.

12Traditional Modular Kitchen Design

Are you someone looking for a modern take on your conventional kitchen? If so, the traditional modular kitchen is the best modular kitchen design for you. Celebrate your heritage with classic modular kitchen designs that retain your values and offer your kitchen a regal appearance and feel. Don't worry; you won't miss out on any of the helpful and practical parts of a kitchen. These designs showcase your kitchen décor more traditionally and straightforwardly.

13L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design

The L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design is one of the best-selling gaming desktops in India and abroad. It has a 9th Gen Intel i5 processor that provides it with a multi-core technology, thus making it a quick and efficiently performing PC.

14U-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design

This is one of the best modular kitchen designs for any size home as three sides of a U-shaped modular kitchen design is lined with cupboards and appliances. This style of kitchen is a space-saving design that saves on floor area. The U-shaped modular kitchen is one of the best modular kitchen designs of 2022 as it gives a lot of room for storage and equipment. Because your fridge, sink, and stoves are all within an arm's reach, the 'Golden Triangle' idea is a perfect fit with a U-shaped modular kitchen. When compared to L-shaped kitchens or other galley kitchens, the area is used more competently.

15 Parallel Modular Kitchen Design

This is the best modular kitchen design if you no longer want your kitchen to be a cornered-off room in your house. Since this design allows for ample flexibility, you could now decorate it artistically and use the best modular kitchen colour combinations to show your kitchen off with pride. With this kitchen design, light pours continuously via a door or window, making working and cooking a pleasure for any home chef.

16Open Modular Kitchen Design

As this design merges with the rest of the house, it is one of the best modular kitchen designs. An open modular kitchen provides volume, particularly for small homes. One advantage of open modular kitchens is that you don't feel cut off from the activities in the living area. This kitchen design enables you to speak with visitors while cooking and participate in family activities such as watching television. The open concept kitchen is perfect for small homes because it makes the area look more spacious.

17Galley Modular Kitchen Design

A galley modular kitchen is characterized by two thin rows of cabinets facing one another, separated by a small walkway. The galley plan complements various kitchen layouts and improves cooking safety and efficiency. This kitchen form may accommodate numerous cupboards as well as home entrances or pathways. All major appliances are stored in tall cupboards that run down the wall. The best colours for this modular kitchen are to keep the base cabinets' darker and the upper cabinets lighter. This will make the kitchen look more spacious. This will also assist in alleviating the sensation that you are in a corridor. You could also try hiding the refrigerator and dishwasher behind cabinet panels to give the illusion of more space.

18G-Shaped or Peninsula Modular Kitchen

A peninsula kitchen layout, like an island kitchen, includes a free-standing workplace that serves as an additional counter for work or entertainment. Unlike an island design kitchen, this modular kitchen design is connected to the main workstation, making it accessible from three rather than four sides. The peninsula is frequently seen as the best modular kitchen design for households with tiny kitchen spaces since it delivers all of the benefits of an island kitchen while taking up less floor space.

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Comparative table for best modular kitchen designs in India

S.No Best Modular Kitchen Designs Price Range
1 Island Modular Kitchen Design Staring from 4,25,000* INR
2 Traditional Modular Kitchen Design Staring from 1,37,1999* INR
3 L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design Starting from 1,44,099*INR
4 U-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design Starting from 1,55,599* INR
5 Parallel Modular Kitchen Design Starting from 1,60,099* INR
6 Open Modular Kitchen Design Starting from 60,000* INR
7 Galley Modular Kitchen Design Starting from 1.37000*INR
8 G-Shaped or Peninsula Modular Kitchen Starting from 70,000* INR

List of The Best Material for Modular Kitchen

Because of their classy and sleep finishes, modular kitchens are gaining popularity. These kitchens are popular as they are both sturdy and aesthetically beautiful. Unfortunately, this isn't the case with civil kitchens. Because they are handcrafted, the quality and finish are always at risk. Even the most skilled carpenter cannot create a kitchen with the perfectly polished look of modular kitchens.

But bear in mind, for the best modular kitchens, you’ll need to use the best modular kitchen materials. So, here is a list of the best materials for modular kitchens.

19Carcass Material




The most popular cabinet carcass materials are plywood, MDF or HDF, particleboard, or wood.



Plywood is a solid and durable substance made by glueing numerous layers of wood together. It is widely available in a variety of thicknesses. Because of the way it is built, plywood has a great degree of strength and can support a heavyweight.

Boiling Waterproof or Marine plywood is resistant to moisture and the finest choice for bathrooms and kitchens where there will be constant water spillage. Commercial plywood is not as costly as BWP ply however, it does not last as long.

21Fiberboard (HDF and MDF)


High and medium density engineered woods are fiberboards (HDF and MDF). They are composed of wood particles that have been glued together using hot glue. These boards are often used for kitchen cabinets; however, they are less durable than plywood. Because the wood is so smooth, it may be polished precisely and painted to look stunning. Fiberboards are not resistant to screws and require unique mounting features to hold screws and hinges in place. If MDF shutters are not properly repaired, they will not last as long as plywood shutters.

22Natural Wood


If you don't mind spending a little extra, you can use natural wood in your kitchen. However, you will need to hire a carpenter to complete the task. Because natural wood is challenging to deal with, most modular kitchen producers do not utilise it as the core material. It will distort over time unless adequately conditioned. In addition, as the knots and whorls with wood finish are all-natural, you will not obtain uniform grains. This, however, adds to the end product's attractiveness. The most prevalent types of wood on the market are teak, rubberwood, and beech.

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Particleboard is one of the best modular kitchen materials as it is cost-effective. It is an extremely light substance that's been created by compacting waste materials and sawdust. It cannot, however, support weight and is the least durable of the materials.

24Stainless Steel


People generally assume that stainless steel is exclusively utilized in industrial kitchens. That couldn't be further from the truth. That, however, is not right. Currently, stainless steel modular kitchens have found their way into residential settings. They are one of the best modular kitchen materials.

They use stainless steel to make kitchen accessories, kitchen furniture, cutlery, and cookware. Stainless steel is also used in appliances such as refrigerators, worktops, dishwashers, freezers, etc.

25High-Pressure Laminates

You've chosen the best material for your modular kitchen. It's now time to add some life and zest, and what better way to do this than opt for the best modular kitchen colour combination.

HPL is a decorative laminate composed of cellulose layers that have been resin-infused. It is exceptionally durable and has a wide range of performance qualities. The primary component of HPL is paper. HPL application areas include kitchen cabinets and countertops, as well as flooring and furniture.

Laminates come in a broad range of eye-catching colours, textures, and finishes. Using them, you can choose the best colours for modular kitchens. Laminates are the most common choice since they are long-lasting and easy to maintain.

There are several modular kitchen colour combinations to pick from that will provide a good atmosphere. Kitchens are places where you may get into your deepest and most creative self. To let that art come out of you in terms of the food you make, you should preferably be in a good mood.

You may choose from these recent yet best modular kitchen colour combinations for Indian kitchens.

  • Black and blue
  • Neutrals
  • Shades of the ocean
  • Shades of brown
  • Pink and red etc.

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Comparison Table of the Best Modular Kitchen Materials in India

S.No Modular Kitchen Material Price Range
1 Plywood Rs. 40 per square foot- Rs.200 per square foot
2 Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Rs. 40 per square foot to Rs. 120 per square foot
3 High-Density Fiberboard (HDF) Rs. 11 per square. foot. to Rs. 175 per square foot
4 Natural Wood Rs. 140 per square. foot. to Rs. 700 per square foot
5 Particleboard Rs. 40 per square. foot. to Rs. 500 per square foot
6 Stainless-Steel Rs. 8000 per sheet to Rs. 10000 per sheet

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Finance Options Available for Purchasing The Best Modular Kitchen in India

  1. Debit Card EMI

    The debit card EMI option allows you to effortlessly afford the best modular kitchen company to design your modular kitchen at the lowest price. The rate of interest and the amount of your EMI are determined by the length of your repayment period. The sum will be deducted immediately from your account on the day of repayment.

  2. Credit Card EMI

    The credit card EMI is comparable to the debit card EMI, but with the added bonus of having a 0% interest EMI for a certain period (if you can repay the entire amount during that stipulated time). The credit card also offers cashback based on the policies of the service provider and the amount spent. Overall, if the amount is returned within the zero-interest period, it is a significantly better alternative than debit card EMI.

  3. Flipkart Paylater

    This option is provided based on your buying history and credit score. The initial amount is 10,000/-, and it rises according to the amount repaid and the frequency of shopping. It allows you to shop on Flipkart without paying anything, and you may pay the amount within a certain length of time without incurring any interest.

  4. Dhani One Freedom

    This is the most recent and one of the best choices to pay for the best modular kitchen. The Dhani One Freedom card provides features comparable to a credit card, with the added benefit of not being linked to your bank. You only need your Aadhaar ID to obtain your Dhani One Freedom card, which is activated in seconds. The card provides you with a credit limit of up to 5 lakhs, allowing you to purchase for whatever you want and pay back the money in three easy instalments within 60 days. The card doesn’t deduct anything from your bank account and also provides 2% cashback on any purchase done by you so you can easily afford to opt for the best modular kitchen company in India.

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