Key Takeaways

  • Cycling has become a very popular activity in India. It’s a great way to stay fit and is also eco-friendly.
  • The best sports bikes aren’t too expensive, there are multiple sports bikes under 1 lakh
  • They are stylish and help you weave through traffic with ease

The Best Sports Bike in India – All you need to know!

Cycling has become an extremely popular activity in India, especially post the COVID-19 induced lockdown. Akin to running, cycling is a great workout that is super fun and also helps you stay in shape. And what makes it even better is that it is completely eco-friendly!

Now whether you’re looking to shed a few extra kilos or are simply looking for a fun Sunday ride with your friends, you would definitely want to buy only the best sports bike. Well, fret not, we’ve got just what you need – a complete overview of the different sports bikes available in India in your budget.

Some of the key factors you must keep in mind before buying sports bikes under 1 lakh include ride stability, geared/non-geared, tire durability and the type of sports bike.

Sports bikes essentially come in three varieties, (i) road bikes, (ii) mountain bikes and (iii) hybrids. Road bikes, as the name suggests, are best-suited for drives on paved roads and are ideal for those who enjoy fast rides. These sports bikes are light, come with thin tyres and are made for speed. Mountain bikes, on the other hand, provide increased stability and better durability for rough surfaces. They are great for Indian roads and are heavier than road bikes. Hybrid bikes, one of the best types of sports bikes, are a combination of the two – they are ideal for those who want to go fast and also ride on not-so-smooth surfaces.

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Now that we know the various types, let us take a look at some of the options for the best sports bikes –

01 Mach City iBike Single Speed

The Mach City iBike Single Speed is a great option for cycling in the city. This bike under 1 lakh comes with 26-inch wheels and features a super lightweight steel frame that makes it easy to control. It is fitted with a pair of durable nylon tyres that ensure you get the best grip across varying surfaces.

This road bike does not have any gears and has a unique quick-release front wheel. The Mach City iBike Single Speed comes in three colours – Matte Black, Acid Green and Neon Red – and costs Rs. 9,470.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Great option to ride in the city


  • Does not have gears

“This is a superb bike that is very easy to manoeuvre. It has a really strong frame and comes with good brakes along and top-quality tyres. This sports bike looks really stylish and the Matte Black finish looks stunning. It’s great for daily cycling and a low maintenance bike.”


Thomas Mathew

02 Marlin Thor Aluminum-Alloy Fatbike

Here’s one of the best sports bikes you can get in India – the Marlin Thor Aluminum-Alloy Fatbike! This attention-grabbing all-terrain bike, among the best sports bike under 1 lakh in India, comes with a pair of gigantic tires. The bike comes with 26-inch wheels and is ideal for all kinds of terrains – whether it’s slushy muddy fields or a gravel path or even a snowy mountainous road, this bike can handle it all!

The aluminium frame makes it a sturdy bike and is perfect for diverse riding conditions. Fatbikes, as they are called, are a rage in the country and you will definitely have heads turning your way if you take this bad boy out for a spin.

This sports bike under 1 lakh is available in two colours – Thor White and Thor Black – and is priced Rs. 35,990.


  • Extremely stylish vehicle
  • Excellent for rough terrains


  • A tad expensive, but among best bikes under 1 lakh

“It has a great design and is a very comfortable bike. The looks are truly outstanding and I love how versatile the tires are. Definitely worth the cost!”


Shaurya Sen

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03 Geekay Single Speed Mountain Bicycle Hashtag Bike

The Hashtag Single Speed bike from Geekay is perfect for your fitness goals, or even for a quick trip to the grocery store. Equipped with a sleek design and a lightweight frame, this bike under 1 lakh comes in three different wheel sizes – 24 inches, 27.5 inches and 29 inches. This single-speed bike does not have any gears but its foot-forward frame design and riding position will ensure you don’t compromise on speed.

The two other standout features in this bike under 1 lakh is that it is fitted with dual disc brakes that maximise your ride safety and also features Wanda King tyres that give you the best stability across surfaces.

Among the best sports bikes in the market, it comes in three colours – orange, red and green, with black as the base colour – and costs Rs. 8,814.


  • Great comfort
  • Braking system is top-notch


  • Pedal placement is a little difficult to get used to

“I'd been searching for my ideal bike for months and nearly gave up when Covid hit. Finally, I found the perfect bike that met ALL my requirements. This is a great looking bike with a comfortable fit and ride. The styling is cool and casual, perfect for family rides on paved trails. I would highly recommend it!”


Sukesh Mahajan

04 CAYA Bikes for Adults with Front Shocker and Dual Disc Brakes

Here’s a bike under 1 lakh that has been making waves across the market – the CAYA Warrior! This bicycle from Ampa Cycles, which is suitable for adults, is an absolute head-turner and commands attention wherever it goes. Perfectly suited for off-road trails and muddy terrains, this bike, one of the best sports bikes in the country, is a true warrior and offers fantastic durability.

Some of its advanced features include front shockers, dual disk brakes and a triple wall aluminium rim. Fitted with 26-inch wheels, it is among the list of the best bike under 2 lakhs in India and is a great investment.

This lightweight bike under 1 lakh sports a cool camouflage design and has two colour variants in black and green. This cycle retails for Rs. 11,000.


  • Superior design and comfort
  • Among the best performing bikes under 1 lakh in India


  • The cycle height is a little high, so that could pose a challenge

“One of my best investments of the year! This cycle works like a charm and I absolutely love the features. The front shockers and top-quality tyres make off-road trips comfortable and safe. I was very impressed with the material used to build the cycle and the frame design is exceptional. And lest I forget, the colour combinations are too good!”


Shawn D’Souza

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05 Ridley Helium SLA Disc 105

The Ridley range of bicycles are considered among the most elite cycles in the market. They’re almost like the Mercedes of the cycling world. And they’re priced pretty suitably too! The Ridley Helium SLA Disc 105 is well and truly the best bike under 2 lakhs you can buy. This professional bike under 2 lakhs offers you simply everything you need – ultimate durability, the uncapped speed to rip down an empty path and a world-class braking system that gives you unhindered control over the bike. The Shimano 105 disc brakes are connected to Shimano 105 brake levers.

Considered the best bike under 2 lakhs, it features the most secure disc brakes and is made of super lightweight triple-butted 6061 aluminium tubing. This high performance has everything and more to help you take your penchant for cycling to the next level. This bike under 2 lakhs is fitted with a pair of Vittoria Zaffiro Pro tyres which are attached to 4ZA R45 Rims. Rain or sunshine, this bike’s got your back!

Among the best sports bikes in India, it weighs only 8.7kg and costs Rs. 1,6900.


  • It does not get better than this!


  • It is an expensive bike unless you’re a cycling buff

“I have not ridden a better bicycle in my life. From the saddle comfort to the braking to the suspension and the tyres, this bike just ticks all the right boxes. And the beauty is that it is so light and can easily be transported, I have to admit it is a little costly but it is worth every penny.”


Roshan Singh

06 Firefox Bikes Flip Flop 26T Hybrid Bike

A sleek bike would help you navigate traffic and cruise to work or school in style. And the Flip Flop 26T Hybrid Bike is a fantastic option for that. This fixed-gear bike under 2 lakhs has a lightweight steel body that gives you supreme control and stability.

Fitted with a pair of 26-inch tyres, it is suitable for children as well as adults. A bike under 2 lakhs, it has caliper brakes in the front as well as rear and boasts a rigid suspension.

The bike has a sporty look with the chain wheel, saddle and grips coloured with a bright turquoise blue complementing the tyres that are in a darker shade of blue. The base of the cycle features a metallic silver colour. The Flip Flop 26T Hybrid Bike is available for Rs. 40,000.


  • It’s a hybrid bike and hence performs well on all terrains


  • The bicycle stand could be of better quality and might require an early replacement

“This bike serves a dual purpose for me because my teenage son and I can both use it. Its light weight makes it very easy to manoeuvre and the breaks work like a charm. The colours are just right, without being too flashy, and the sleek design is super cool.”


Aditya Rajan

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07 NINETY ONE Viper 27.5T 21 Speed Hybrid Bike

The Viper is a new addition to the list of the best sports bikes under 1 lakh in India. Made by cyclists, this sports bike features some world-class components, an aerodynamic design and is also covered with a lifetime warranty!

This sports bike under 1 lakh is made of carbon steel which makes it super durable and is also equipped with disc brakes. The bike’s performance is unparalleled as it has 21 hi-speed gears and extends you the comfort of shock-free suspension. The seat has superior quality cushioning and has a clamp that lets you move it up and down with ease.

The bike also has a pair of Hi-Traction 27.5-inch tyres with Nylon Grip. The Viper is available for Rs. 18,599.


  • The 21 hi-speed gears is a great feature for a sports bike under 1 lakh


  • Spare parts are not easily available

“This is a simple, no-nonsense bike that makes cycling enjoyable. It’s very easy to control, maintain and helps me push myself to achieve my fitness goals. The tyres on this bike are truly fantastic.”


Pavneet Chadha


Now that we’ve taken a look at the best options of bikes under one lakh, let’s compare them in terms of their features and costs –

Mach City iBike Single Speed Single-gear, nylon tires, quick-release front wheel Rs. 9,470
Marlin Thor Aluminum-Alloy Fatbike Aluminium frame, all-terrain bike Rs. 35,990
Geekay Single Speed Mountain Bicycle Hashtag Bike Foot-forward frame design, Dual disk brakes, Wanda tyres Rs. 8,814
CAYA Bikes for Adults with Front Shocker and Dual Disc Brakes Front shockers, dual disk brakes, triple wall aluminium rim Rs. 11,000
Ridley Helium SLA Disc 105 Shimano 105 disc brakes, super lightweight triple-butted 6061 aluminium tubing, Vittoria Zaffiro Pro tyres Rs. 1,6900
Firefox Bikes Flip Flop 26T Hybrid Bike Fixed-gear bike, rigid suspension Rs. 40,000
NINETY ONE Viper 27.5T 21 Speed Hybrid Bike Carbon steel body, 21 hi-speed gears, dual disc brakes, shock-free suspension, Hi-Traction tyres Rs. 18,599

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Now that you’ve made up your mind about the best sports bike you want to buy, here’s how you can bring home a new set of wheels! Some of the financing options for bikes under 1 lakh are –


Debit Card

A debit card is among the most commonly used and widely accepted forms of payment. You can easily buy the best bike under 2 lakhs by using your debit card. You can simply swipe your card at the counter at the store or use online banking if you’re shopping on your phone. In case you want to make the payment in instalments, then you can opt for an EMI option where the money will be deducted, with an added interest, each month on the date chosen by you.

Credit card

A credit card functions in a manner very similar to the debit card, except it gives you access to funds beyond what is in your account. A credit card works along the same lines as a debit card, with the key difference being that there is the advantage of a 0% interest rate for a stipulated period. However, you are likely to get a few benefits if you use a credit card to buy bikes under 2 lakhs as different banks provide interesting incentives such as discounts on allied services, cashback or other benefits.

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