Top 5 reasons to get super saver subscription

Who would refuse saving money?

We all wish for a lifestyle where we can save most of what we make and flourish to the fullest in the process.

dhani Super Saver Card is one such subscription that bestows you with the benefit of saving, anywhere, and everywhere.

Here are Top 5 Reasons that one should get a dhani Super Saver subscription today:

  1. 5% Cashback on all your spends

    Every purchase that you make online or offline – you receive an instant 5% cashback on it. So, your daily-life spends on groceries, petrol, online shopping, dinners and lunches at your favorite restaurants, travel bookings of your hotels and flights, even basic necessity bill payments will be royally rewarded with a flat 5% cashback; bringing a guaranteed smile to your face!. Also, this 5% cashback is over and above the merchant schemes and special offers. Literally a super saver eh?

  2. Up to 60% off on medicines

    2020 was a huge wake-up call when it came to being prepared for the worst of medical exigencies. We all know that medicine purchases are both serious and expensive. So, we at dhani offer up to 60% off* on buying medicines online so as to secure that peace of mind whilst fighting a health problem. A genuine booster for households where the expenditure on medicines is a big dent on the budget – this offering is a boon!

  3. FREE Doctor Consultations 24X7

    Another feather in our cap is the astoundingly unbelievable offering of 24 hours a day doctor consultation for any of your health concerns; ABSOLUTELY FREE. Yes, with the dhani Super Saver Card you also subscribe to this big need of all our lives! Easy, accessible, all day, and all-night service with India’s finest doctors’ network to ensure that your well-being is meticulously guarded.

  4. No minimum transaction amount

    You can set your own limits and also use the switch on and off feature with the dhani app– it’s entirely up to you! We do not set any minimum transaction amount or take any hidden charges. Use your dhani wallet the way you wish to, adding money directly using net banking, or through your debit or credit cards. Providing freedom with your money, just as you like it!

  5. Safe and Secure

    Of course! This needs a mention as we want you to be assured that your dhani Super Saver subscription is super safe and prudent. Your card includes a chip and a PIN, amalgamating to offer you the highest level of security by RBI guidelines.

Isn’t this exciting?

dhani Super Saver Card ticks all the boxes of want, need, and desire!

So, what are you waiting for?

Download the dhani app today & Get your subscription.

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