5 Benefits of consulting dhani doctors & specialists

dhani doctor is an platform where you can consult doctors online over a video call 24 hours a day, every day. This is a great product introduced by dhani, during the time of the pandemic, to avoid long queues in the clinic & going out during these tough times; dhani doctor has been a definite savior.

The major 3 benefits of dhani doctor are:

  1. The first & most important benefit is the availability of doctors. Any time of the day you try to connect to a doctor, all it takes is 10 seconds. You do not need an appointment with the doctor. It’s just that you need to log on to the dhani app & click on the health section & click on “Call doctor now” to connect with a doctor in 10 seconds making online doctor consultation
  2. The second important benefit is that the service is available 24 hours a day, every day. You can connect with the doctor even at midnight in case of an emergency. We do not have to think even if it Sunday when most clinics are shut.
  3. Another benefit of dhani doctor is you can order medicines from the app itself as soon as your prescription is generated, which saves you a trip to the chemist. Apart from this, doctors usually prescribe you the medicines that are available on dhani, which saves you from any alternatives or substitutions. Also, the most interesting thing is that these medicines come at a FLAT 40% discount along with FREE home delivery.

dhani doctor has more than 10+ specialist categories of doctors like diabetes, hypertension & cardiac care, Gynecologist & Women healthcare & many more.

To get the benefits of dhani doctor you just need to download dhani app from the play store or the app store & register. You can click on the health section & click on “Call doctor now” to connect with specialists in a few seconds!

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