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In conversation with Dr. Abhinav Wankar

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Today we have Dr. Abhinav Wankar with us and our topic for today’s piece is hair loss. Dr. Wankar is associated with dhani as a part of our General and Senior General Practitioners team. Dr. Abhinav Wankar has worked at senior positions in Yashoda Hospital, AIIMS Delhi, Sahyadri Hospitals and King Save Hospital.

Q.: Doctor hair loss & hair fall have become a common problem. Tell us, who are affected by this problem the most, women or men?

Dr. Abhinav: Look, hair loss is a normal phenomenon. 50 to 100 strands of hair fall every day and are regrown by our system. By the way, if you see, hair loss is more common in males. By the age of 50, there’s hair loss in 50% men and 25% women. Hair loss may be permanent, or if the temperature is coarse, it can also happen temporarily.

Q.: What can be the main causes of hair loss?

Dr. Abhinav: ‘Hair Loss’ These two words can stir panic in anyone.But there are a few reasons for this, stress being the most common cause. Hair fall due to stress is temporary; they are not permanent. The amount of styling, hair plate iron, dryers that we use today also increase the chances of losing hair. One of the most important parts is diet; deficiency of protein, multi-vitamin, iron can also cause hair loss in the body. Ageing can be another reason too, which we often refer to as male or female pattern baldness. Besides, some medical processes, such as chemotherapy, often also lead to temporary hair shedding. Another reason for hair fall is sweat and dust that weaken our hair follicles.

Q.: Dr. Abhinav, tell your readers, how can we reduce hair loss?

Dr. Abhinav: There is a straightforward way to stop hair fall, but we have to make a few modifications to our lifestyle. Our diet is the most important. Raw Vegetables, Fresh Herbs, Proteins, Vitamin A, Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin D, Biotin; all of these we should consider whilst creating a diet for ourselves. We can also add the right supplements to our diet. We should wash our hair regularly with a mild shampoo and should use coconut or olive oil regularly. Coconut oil prevents our hair from the potential damage that can be caused by UV rays. Various researches have concluded that lauric acid found in coconut oil helps bind proteins, which eventually prevents hair-breakage from the roots. And to top it all, we should take good care of our hair, we should use mild products, we should never comb wet-hair, we should always use a white tooth comb, we should avoid using styling products like hair irons, hair colour, hot rollers, and hot oil as much as possible. The rubber band we use in our hair creates tension, so we should always tie them a bit loose. We should always refrain from exposing our hair to UV rays. The biggest reason for hair fall in men is smoking, and if you can quit this habit, it can work wonders for your hair growth. Hair loss due to chemotherapy is unavoidable. However, cooling cabs are now available in the market, and one can make use of them. Most importantly, we should keep hydrating our body…the more water we drink, the more moisture is upheld by our scalp, which results in better hair growth and lesser hair fall.

We can also look at making Yoga a part of our daily life. While it doesn’t directly impact our hair fall, it does reduce stress, which in turn can reduce hair fall. Apart from this, one can also look at changing their pillows, especially if they are using cotton pillows, because cotton creates friction with your hair…so it’s rather recommended to use satin pillows. In the end, I would just like to say that hair fall is a natural phenomenon and the hair you lose usually tend to come back. However, if you observe excessive hair fall during a bath leading to bald patches, you should immediately contact an expert. We should do a thorough blood investigation so that we can start fixing it if it’s a temporary cause. Thank you…I want all our readers to stay healthy and live healthily.

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