5 Reasons to get the dhani Lifetime Free Cashback Card

We all love cashbacks, don’t we? The feeling of saving money on anything that one spends on is blissful. However, one either has to wait for ’SALE’ days or has to hunt for coupon codes or needs to be eligible for the right credit card to save on their shopping. Well, not anymore; we at dhani bring to you an offering that helps you save on all your spends! Yes, a Lifetime Free Cashback Card that gets you cashback on everything from fuel, groceries, and bill payments to shopping across 30 lac+ online & offline merchants! Impressive? Well, it just doesn’t end here. We give you 5 big reasons why you should definitely get a dhani Lifetime Free Cashback Card!


    Yes, you read that right. Unlike other cards where you pay a monthly/annual feel, our Cashback Card is absolutely FREE for LIFE and comes with ZERO additional charges. You never have to pay money for using it. All you have to do is download the dhani app and fill in your details by clicking on the Free Cashback Card tile! Your digital card will be made available to you instantly, and your physical card will reach you between 4-6 working days!

  2. It gives you a FLAT cashback

    dhani Lifetime Free Cashback Card gives you a FLAT 2% cashback on any transaction you make through it. No conditions, no minimum spends. All you have to do is add money to your card…you can then use it for all your online and offline transactions!

  3. No conditions apply

    Tired of seeing terms & conditions* that tag along with offers? You don’t have to worry about them when you are using the Free Cashback Card! You can avail cashback using the card in addition to any offer you receive from your merchant! So if there’s already an offer running on the product you wish to buy, you can save up even more by paying through this card and getting a 2% FLAT cashback on your transaction.

  4. It can be used EVERYWHERE

    Refilling your vehicle’s fuel tank?

    Going for monthly grocery shopping?

    Making your bill payments?

    Making your train/flight/hotel bookings?

    Shopping for your favourite products online?

  5. It is extremely safe to use

    The dhani Free Cashback Card is secured with PCI-DSS technology and provides the highest level of safety for making payments anywhere.

    We hope we’ve given enough and more reasons for you to get your card! Shop anywhere, get cashback on everything, everywhere, and every time with our FREE CASHBACK CARD! Don’t wait; visit the dhani app and get your dhani lifetime free cashback card today!

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