Types Of Personal Loans

Types of Personal Loans in india by Indiabulls Dhani

Types of Personal Loans


Unlike a car loan or a home loan, which has to be used for a specific purpose only, a personal loan can be used for any purpose. Following are some types of personal loans provided by Indiabulls Dhani:



Instant Wedding Loans Online title=

Wedding loans

With everyone trying to make their weddings, ‘The next best thing,’ do not hold on to your dreams. Get a personal loan today to finance your wedding.

Travel Loans

Designed solely for travel enthusiasts, you can now travel anywhere in the world, even if you do not have the finances to fund your trip at the moment. With a personal loan, you can now take your family to those exquisite places or take that much-needed ‘solo-trip.’

Instant Travel Loans Online
Education Loans Online title=

Education Loans

Students are traveling all over the world to get the higher education they desire and deserve. But, studying abroad or even in India, for that matter, is an expensive affair. Get a personal loan today to give wings to your future.

Two-wheeler loans

A two-wheeler eliminates the hassle and efforts of waiting in long queues for trains or buses or hire expensive cabs daily to commute. The best part- this magical, easy-on-the-pocket vehicle cuts the traffic easily. Get your very own two-wheeler quickly with a personal loan.

Instant Bike Loans Online
Instant Used Car Loans Online title=

Used-car loans

Everyone seeks various choices and maximum value for all their products, also keeping the environment in mind. And a car is no exception. Avail a personal loan to get a second-hand car and do not fall behind on the trend.

New-car loans

That euphoric feeling of steering the wheels of your beloved car is unmatchable. Now you can get that feeling as well by taking a personal loan to buy a brand new-car from Indiabulls Dhani.

Instant New Car Loans Online
Instant Top Up Loans Online title=

Top-up loans

Everyone wants more, including a loan. With a personal loan, you can now top-up your existing loan, and get more funds for your purpose anytime and anywhere.