Balance Sheet

Indiabulls Asset Reconstruction Company Limited – 2019

Indiabulls ARC VII Trust – 2019

Indiabulls ARC VI Trust – 2019

Indiabulls ARC V Trust – 2019

Indiabulls ARC IV Trust – 2019

Indiabulls ARC III Trust – 2019

Indiabulls Infra Resources Limited – 2019

Indiabulls Consumer Products Limited – 2019

Indiabulls Consumer Finance Limited – 2019

Pushpanjli Finsolutions Limited – 2019

Indiabulls Securities Limited (formerly Indiabulls Commodities Limited) – 2019

Indiabulls Investment Advisors Limited – 2019

Indiabulls Alternate Investments Limited – 2019

Gyansagar Buildtech Limited – 2019

Devata Tradelink Limited – 2019

Auxesia Soft Solutions Limited – 2019

Arbutus Constructions Limited – 2019

Indiabulls Investment Advisors Limited (formerly known as Indiabulls Brokerage Limited)

Indiabulls Asset Reconstruction Company Limited

Indiabulls Infra Resources Limited

Indiabulls Logistics Limited

Indiabulls Consumer Products Limited

Arbutus Constructions Limited

Astilbe Builders Limited

Astraea Constructions Limited

Auxesia Soft Solutions Limited

GyanSagar Buildtech Limited

Devata Tradelink Limited

India Ethanol And Sugar Limited

Indiabulls Alternate Investments Limited

Indiabulls Commodities Limited

Indiabulls Distribution Services Limited

Pushpanjli Fincon Limited

Pushpanjli Finsolutions Limited

IVL Finance Limited

Silenus Buildtech Limited


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