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Medical Insurance FAQs

What does the product cover?

Covers medical expenses due to hospitalisation (including pre and post hospitalization related expenses) arising out of an unfortunate accident or illness. Please refer to annexure for detailed list of coverages.

Is coronavirus covered under the policy?

Yes, Digit Health Insurance covers hospitalization charges due to positively being tested for Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Can I cancel the policy without any penalty?

Yes, only during the freelook period.

What is freelook period for this policy?

There is a 15 days freelook period from the Risk Inception Date. Customer can cancel the policy anytime within this freelook period without any penalty.

Who all can purchase this policy?

Anyone within the age group of 18 to 45 Years can buy this policy by clicking on the banner shown in the Dhani App.

Can a customer Purchase more than one policy for himself?

No – Customer can buy one policy.

Can a customer add the family members in Group Mediclaim policy?

No, only self is covered.

Is there any waiting period applicable in this policy?

Initial waiting period of 30 days is applicable for illness. No waiting period for accident cases.

Are pre-existing illnesses covered under the policy?

Pre-existing illness has 4 years waiting period

Is there any cancellation allowed for this policy? If yes what is the process?

Yes, cancellation is allowed during the free look period of 15 days. Post that cancellation will not be allowed.

Cancellation Process –

  • Customer calls Digit Contact center to cancel the policy
  • Digit Agent collects the policy number / contact number and identifies the type of policy.
  • Digit Agent checks for refund and informs the customer about the refund amount and collects bank details for NEFT
  • After collecting the details, the policy is cancelled and the refund amount is transferred to Customer

What happens if I missed to pay my instalment premium within the due date?

The policy has 3 days grace period from the date instalment before due. In case of non-payment of the instalment even after the expiry of the grace period. Then the policy stands cancelled.

Can I revive my policy after my policy has lapsed

Please call the Digit on the below mentioned toll free number and it is at the discretion of the insurance company to allow revival of the lapsed policy. Subject no coverage during the lapsed period and continuity benefits will not be available.

How to make a claim?

Customer can call on the toll-free number 1800-258-4242 or email Digit on to raise a claim. Below are the illustrations of different claim options

a. Reimbursement Process


  • Customer gets admitted to the non-network hospital due to medical emergency/accident
  • Post discharge customer calls Digit to registered the reimbursement claim

Document Upload:

  • Digit registered the claim & triggers a link for document upload
  • Customer uploads all the relevant documents
  • Claim team assess the documents & approves/denies the claim


  • Claim teams check if any additional document is required
  • Claim amount is transferred to customer’s bank account

b. Cashless Process


  • Customer approaches network hospital for cashless treatment & displays the e-health card
  • Hospital sends cashless request with all the details of medical condition, proposed treatment & estimate expense to TPA
  • This is done on real time basis

Document Upload:

  • Adjudication of the cashless request as per the policy T&C by the TPA
  • Query is raised for any further clarity/documentation
  • Hospital furnishes all the required documents
  • This process takes approximately 4 hours


  • Approval for the treatment is given by Digit through TPA
  • Amount is settled with the hospital/provider directly
  • The settlement of the claim takes approximately 4 hours

c. Advanced Cash


  • Employee chose a hospital (network/non-network) for a planned procedure
  • Contacts the digit & share the consultation/medical records/estimate


  • Digit evaluates on the admissibility
  • If eligible, approves the Advance Claim payment (if required)
  • Employee gets admitted in the hospital for procedure


  • On the day of procedure, 50% of the estimate to transferred to the Employee’s bank account
  • Post discharge, employee share the final bill, Digit transfer the remaining amount to the employee