Tips to follow as offices reopen

As a part of the recent relaxations by governing bodies, offices will now be reopening in all parts of the country. While it is a welcoming move for the economy, it comes with its own set of fears. So as we begin to step out of our houses and step into normalcy, we should certainly be vary about the potential 3rd wave and its repercussions.

Our Brand Head Vivek Bhatia was joined by Dr Kiran Dhanke, who has more than two decades of clinical experience in radiology and general medicine both in India and UK, who helped us understand & combat the probable consequences of this relaxation.


VB:  As offices re-open, people remain concerned about the threat of COVID. In such a scenario, what should people do?

Dr. KD: Indeed, we are seeing that offices across the country are slowly reopening and there are relaxations of restrictions. This has to happen at some point in time as we move back into normalcy. However it is important that we be aware of the threat of COVID and continue to maintain safety precautions so that the infections do not start rising again.


VB:  What precautions should people take at work?

Dr. KD: At workplaces and offices, it is important to maintain social distancing. Most offices are reopening at a staggered pace with less than 50% capacity, so as to be able to maintain social distancing as mandated by local rules. One must follow these guidelines, both as employers and employees. Screening should continue for people who may be asymptomatic. Maintaining ventilation in offices is important, as mostly these are air conditioned or closed spaces. Try to avoid meetings / large gatherings in offices in closed rooms. Also, one must continue to use a mask at all times while at office. Hand hygiene must be maintained either with regular hand washing or with use of alcohol based hand sanitizers.


VB: Since train-travelling is also a possibility now for people who have got both their doses, are there any specific precautions that should be taken?

Dr. KD: Public transport is opening up for everyone and people are starting to use using public services. Again, I would urge everyone to strictly follow the local guidelines as these are based on the infection rates in that particular area. Social distancing must be maintained even during travel and transport. Do not be in a rush and please make sure to allow oneself enough time to travel so as to maintain distancing


VB: Is it safe to travel post the 1st dose of the vaccine?

Dr. KD: It goes without saying that everyone must endeavor to get their vaccinations. Vaccines are one of the mainline of defense against the infection and also help to reduce the rate of transmission. It is also important to remember though that the complete immunity of the vaccine develops only 3-4 weeks after receiving the second dose. If someone has been infected in this time before full immunity develops, the infection may not be mild. Hence, the same precautions are still important and relevant even after vaccination.  Appropriate use of a mask, hand hygiene and social distancing are still key things to practice even after getting vaccinated.


VB: Any other message that you’d like to give our readers?

Dr. KD: Please continue to maintain all safety precautions. Please reach out to your doctor in case of any queries – our doctors on Dhani app will be happy to help you with all your health concerns.

Thank you so much for joining us today Dr. Kiran. Your insights and precaution tips will help many individuals who will be travelling again to work.


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